iTaskSystems Smart Automation

 Automotive or transportation industries where the involved M2M communication modules can be embedded into car or transportation equipment, for whatever purpose. This implies common requirements such as mobility management and environmental hardware constraints, despite the extended variety of applications addressed (insurance or road pricing, emergency assistance, fleet management, electric car charging management, traffic optimization, etc.)

Automotive applications cover a wide variety, existing services in the field under broader categories to illustrate the variety of possible applications and intended to derive requirements of

  • Safety, security and other vehicle services
    • Vehicle Breakdown call, service will send the current vehicle position to a roadside assistance organization and initiate a voice call.
    • Stolen vehicle tracking, the purpose of this system is to facilitate the recovery of the vehicle after theft.
    • Remote Diagnostics may be grouped into to Electric Vehicle charging, Maintenance reminder, Health check, Fault triggered, Enhanced, breakdown service call
  • Connected Navigation, which may include traffic reports, Route planning, Charging station, Infotainment connected with things – Mobile, Internet connectivity and other types.
  • Fleet Management / Theft Tracking - The typical fleet management scenario presupposes that a fleet of vehicles has been deployed with M2M Devices installed that are able to:
  • Interface with sensors on the vehicle that measure velocity.
  • Interface with devices that can detect position.
  • Establish a link with a mobile telecommunication network using appropriate network access credentials, such as a USIM.

The fleet owner wishes to track the vehicles - that is, to know, over time, the location and velocity of each vehicle - in order to plan and optimize business operations. A server in the fleet owner's employ receives, aggregates, and processes the tracking data from the fleet and provides this information to the fleet owner.