iTaskSystem Smart Elevator

The objective of iTaskSystems is to provide a,

  • Continually enhancing service levels and customer satisfaction while delivering services at an optimum price point,
  • Avoiding revisits by service engineers undertaking routine maintenance to minimize the use of resources and the cost of service contracts,
  • Minimizing the number of breakdowns and, when they occur, knowing which is the closest support team available to deal with the problem.

Using the predictive capabilities, breakdowns become extremely rare and the cost of providing support services can be substantially reduced. Modernizing elevators reduces the risk of breakdowns and the frequency of maintenance. AI enabled that can carry out maintenance tasks remotely which will additional helps in addressing the challenges like

  • Communication between the elevator and the technicians to handle less critical issues handled and brought to their attention.
  • Identifying any breakdown beforehand, by monitoring regularly and alert for the required service.
  • Monitoring the service and the usage timely and accordingly scheduling the maintenance only one requirement basis than knowledge basis
  • With the help of AI enabled service, technicians are able to resolve the issues with a actual details of the problem and with required tools and parts by avoiding multiple visitations.
  • Identifying the problem and the location, escalates the ticket to the nearest available technician enabling a faster service.

iTaskSystemsSolutions and products are cost effective which allows manufacturers to connect elevators and escalators to the M2M network and take advantage of the advances in technology that create the Internet of Things. Elevator manufactures can now collect all the possible performance data from their entire portfolio of products and have every elevators monitored and controlled from a central platform that allows them to set targets and analyze performance based on a wealth of data. This gives a complete picture of the usage and performance of their equipment, which in turn can become the basis for a long-term relationship with their customers.Collating the data in one system allows the company to develop troubleshooting guidelines based on the history of faults that have developed and the solutions that were found. This in turn will help to improve the quality of their elevators and escalators based on detailed performance data that provides valuable input for product R&D.