What do applications such as Personal Health Monitoring, intelligent tracking and tracing in the supply chain, smart utility metering, remote control of vending machines, industrial wireless automation and ambient assisted living all have in common? They are but a few of the many applications made possible thanks to Machine-to-Machine Communications. This fast-growing sector has the potential to connect up to 50 billion machines today, and even more in the near future. The cellular M2M segment in particular is forecast to produce record growth.


Some of the most prominent M2M supported application areas are

  • Security – surveillance applications, alarms, object/human tracking, etc.;
  • Transportation –fleet management, emission control, toll payment, road safety, etc.; remarkably interwoven with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) concepts;
  • e - Health – remote patient monitoring, Mobile Health, telecare;
  • Manufacturing – production chain monitoring and automation;
  • Utilities –measurement, provisioning and billing of utilities such as oil, water, electricity, heat, etc.;
  • Industrial supply and provisioning –freight supply and distribution monitoring, vending machines, etc.;
  • Facility management –Informatisation and automation of various home/building/campus - related resource management.


Many industry participants, especially in the telecommunications domain, have recognised the business opportunities that M2M represents and are striving to exploit its full potential,


iTaskSystems Solution


Our Task Performance and Execution System is a Mobile and web enabled task execution system (SAAS) with Continuous performance improvement system.

It works with Assign a Task through TPE, which will automatically follow up as a Project Manager. ItUses AI, OR, Statistics to improve the Performance andEscalates, reassigns, handles critical path. When needed ituses video voice calls, multimedia messages, chat, sketch, conference, forms, to communicate.



  • Construction and Reality
  • HealthCare, Telemedicine
  • Maintenance Repair & MRP/MPO
  • Logistics & ERP/CRM Auto Aviation
  • IT & Telecom Operator
  • Banking, Insurance, Law
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Education and University
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Safety, Emergency and Security
  • Customer care, Sales. Product support
  • Consumer Product support
  • Retail, Monitoring, Small Business, etc