Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction Services

Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction Services

We help clients expand their business portfolio with mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buy outs. Also assists is enhancing value by divestures and spin offs.  We provide valuable services in this regard such as:

Financial Due Diligence:   An unbiased financial due diligence is necessary so that a company can analyze and validate all financial, commercial, operational and strategic aspects of the deal.

  • We assist you in identifying key business drivers and key performance indicators, value adjustments and other significant matters so that you make an informed decision on the transaction.
  • We help you by identifying the structure of the vendor’s business.
  • The key success drivers that will make or break the matter are identified by us so that you derive the best value out of the deal.
  • We look deeply into the strengths and weaknesses of the company selling its business.
  • We look at the EBITDA figures, working capital trends, debt like items, future contingencies, tax payments and assessments and also at areas which require special indemnities.

Tax Due Diligence: Identifies potential Income Tax & GST tax issues or deal breakers and gives an estimate on the contingent liabilities that may arise. These include:

  • Understanding the Tax and GST structure and provide our views on its impact on the transaction.
  • Comprehensive review of Tax policies and compliance and identify any historical tax exposure

Corporate Law Due Diligence: Comprehensive analysis of the corporate structure and its compliances with sector specific regulations and assurance on ownership structure and registered charges. Identifies risk of corporate noncompliance and assess the contingent liabilities thereof. these include
-Ownership and Share capital Assurances and documentation
- Review of Board and Shareholders Meeting compliance

-Review of Statutory Registers 

- Review of event based and calendar-based compliance 

-Review of compliance with Investments, borrowings, loans given, related party transactions

-Review of FEMA compliance etc 

Transaction Document Review: Our experienced team provides strategic advice on preparation of Transaction related documents such as Term sheets, Share Purchase Agreement, Share Holders Agreements, Management Contracts, Business Transfer Agreement, Assignment Deeds, License Agreements etc, our dedicated team ensures support at all stages of a transaction from pre-deal work to post-completion. The team combines the skill sets of financial due diligence, forensic accounting and tax advisory.


Valuation Services:

We provide Price Discovery valuations for buy and sell transactions. We understand the objective of the transactions and consider synergy value where applicable. 

We also undertake Price Justification valuations for regulatory compliance.

Our expertise and skill of valuing traditional assets, various financial instruments and assets, intellectual property, customer relationship and contracts, know how etc assist in Purchase Price Allocations and Impairment Testing. And Fair Value assessments for financial reporting’s.

Corporate Finance Advisory:

Our team of advisors provide value through strategic advice and execution services for those who want to enhance their business value and enable growth strategies. These are much sought after by Start Ups and Growing Business. Our transaction structuring strives to achieve business and commercial objectives while complying with the tax and regulatory requirements These include:

  • Capital Raising- Private equity or capital markets
  • Strategic & general corporate advice
    - Project finance & public private partnerships
    - Business modelling
    - Funding assistance
  • - Structuring Transactions form Tax & Regulatory perspective
  • Comprehensive and Easy to Understand Transaction Tax Models

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